Pastries With Parents

In an effort to foster stronger connections between parents, educators, and the community, Grandview is thrilled to announce the launch of a new monthly program titled "Pastries with the Parents." Set to commence next year on the final Friday of each month, this initiative aims to highlight various items of interest for parents and community members.

However, eager to kickstart this exciting venture, Grandview is offering a special “soft launch” in the final two months of this school year. The inaugural event is scheduled for next Thursday, March 28.  Parents are invited to join Crystal Eoff, Federal Programs Coordinator, and Don Jeffries, Curriculum Director, for an engaging session focusing on Title Information.

The federal Title program holds significant importance for families, and through "Pastries with the Parents," administration hopes to bridge the gap between the school and families, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the Title requirements.

"We recognized the importance of creating opportunities for parents and community members to come together, share insights, and learn about crucial aspects of their child's education," expressed Communications Director Jason Van Houten, emphasizing the program's mission to enhance parental involvement and support student success.

The session is set to commence at 7:30 AM in the Fassen Building Board Room, strategically coinciding with the morning drop-off time for students. Coffee, breakfast drinks, and an assortment of pastries will be provided, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to meaningful discussions.

"We want to make it as convenient as possible for parents to participate while juggling their busy schedules. What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee, a pastry, and valuable insights into our Title Program?" remarked Van Houten, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.

The "Pastries with the Parents" program represents Eagle Nation's commitment to fostering a strong sense of community involvement and support. By facilitating open dialogue and providing valuable information, Grandview aims to empower parents to actively engage in their child's educational journey.

Grandview looks forward to welcoming parents and community members to this transformative initiative and fostering stronger connections for the betterment of all involved.