The V.I.E.W. Awards for January 2024

Congratulations to The V.I.E.W. Award recipients for the month of January! 

Support Staff of the Month: Stephanie Meador (Paraprofessional) 
Elementary Teacher of the Month: Courtney Albert (Math Interventionist)
Middle School Teacher of the Month: Amy Hardin (English/Language Arts) 
High School Teacher of the Month: Rachel Kimminau (Business) 

Additional nominees for Support Staff were: Brittany Gray, Mylene Huskey, Kristie Lewis, Jessica Moore, Jean Osterwisch, Maggie Quinn, Elaine Schlett, Alisha Schott, Kaylyn Sparks, Lori Wolk, and Sheila Zielinski.
Additional nominees for Elementary Teacher were: Kim Mueller and Brittany Zehner. 
Ann Dugan and Bailey Austin were also nominated for Middle School Teacher. 
High School Teacher nominees also included: Debbie Anderson and Micah Schultz.

Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees.