September Staff of the Month

The Grandview R-II School District proudly announces the launch of the Teachers of the Month and Support Staff Member of the Month awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to the school community. This initiative was originally slated for an earlier release and faced vendor challenges that temporarily postponed the recognitions, however, the district is thrilled to finally honor its exceptional educators and support staff for the month of September.

The decision to introduce these monthly accolades stems from the district's commitment to acknowledging the hard work and dedication of its educators and support staff, who consistently go above and beyond for the betterment of the school community. "Educators are extremely dedicated by their very nature, but the challenges of a smaller district make their dedication even more admirable.", says Grandview's superintendent, Matt Zoph. "I have always said we have some of the best staff members you can find, we just wanted to make sure they realize we all feel that way."

Nominations were solicited from the staff of each building for the teacher awards and the entire district for the support staff award. Following the nomination phase, staff members cast their votes to select the most deserving recipients for each category.

The winners for September are: Elementary Teacher of the Month - Dianna Perren (Third Grade), Middle School Teacher of the Month - Josh Holland (Fifth Grade), High School Teacher of the Month - Barbara Guilford (English/Language Arts), and Support Staff Member of the Month - Vicky Ketcherside.

Other nominees for the Support Staff Award included: Cherie Mayberry, Kadie Stormer, Kayla Villmer, Kaylyn Sparks, Maggie Quinn, Sheila Zienlinski, Stephanie Meador, and Stephanie Villmer.

Nominees for Middle School Teacher also were: Bailey Austin, Madeline Rotter, and Matt Bilin.

High School Teacher nominees also included:  Jason Kimminau, Jeff Ketcherside, and Micah Schultz

Additional nominees for Elementary Teacher were:  Katelyn Bilin and Samantha Garrison.

Elementary Principal Dr. Brian Duffie awarded Ms. Perren with her award while Middle and High School Principal Cody Mothersbaugh awarded Ms. Ketcherside, Mr. Holland, and Ms Guilford their awards.  

The Teachers of the Month and Support Staff Member of the Month awards exemplify Grandview's ongoing commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. By recognizing the outstanding efforts of its educators and support staff, the school aims to inspire continued excellence and a culture of appreciation within its community.