Eyethrive and Eagle Head

On September 26 of this year the Eye Thrive Van visited the Grandview R2 School District.  Eye Thrive Mobile Vision Van is an initiative that provides professional, timely, and accurate on-site vision screenings for children.  Their staff is certified by the National Center for Children's Vision and Eye Health.  While on campus, their program screened pre-k through 8th-grade students for issues dealing with their vision.  These students were signed up for the program by their parents or guardians. 
This process was overseen by our head nurse Ms. Kadie Castens, who describes this as one of her favorite days of the school year.  Dr Brian Duffie, elementary principal, was very impressed with the staff and the process of ensuring that the students of Eagle Nation are provided with the best care possible.  He was excited to see the kids coming back from the Eye Thrive Van with smiles on their faces and some of them actually sporting a new pair of glasses provided to them on the spot, free of charge. 
In total during four hours of operation, the Eye Thrive Mobile Vision Van staff completed thirty-eight comprehensive eye exams of pre-k through 8th-grade students.  Thirty-six pairs of glasses were given out that day.  Five prescriptions were higher than others so those glasses will be made off-site.  They should be mailed to the school within three to five days of their appointment.  Some students even qualified to receive two pairs of glasses for their prescription.
To sum up, forty-one pairs of glasses are now being used by Grandview students totally free of charge.  The program will also be able to replace the glasses if the student breaks or loses them.
This is a great program that benefits students in the entire St. Louis region.  We are very appreciative to the Eye Thrive Mobile Vision Van and their partners that allow them to complete their mission, " To give children the ability to thrive through access to essential vision Services”. If you would like to learn more about this program, its history, its partners, and even donate to help its mission you can visit their website at eyethrive.org.
Thank you Nurse Kadie for spearheading this program again this year.